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Quick Vacation Tips for Planning a Trip to Enchanting Australia

Australia –The world's sixth largest country is a paradise for tourists, nature lovers, adventure / sports enthusiasts, peace-seekers, families and honeymoons. It's a dream destination and tops the list of travel buckets for everyone. As the holiday season begins, plan your next trip to this beautiful and exotic country, a complete package of beautiful rain forests, red-earthed national parks, exotic and world - famous beaches, natural coral reefs and livable cities. Let's look at the quick tips for a trip to beautiful Australia.
Sydney and Melbourne are generally the first places to stop during a holiday in Australia, but there are many other beautiful places and cities. I lived in Sydney and Melbourne for about 1 year and traveled in and around these areas. For the next Christmas break I plan to visit The Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast and the famous rock formation of Uluru monolith.

Attractions List – Quick Tips for Planning a trip to Enchanting Australia


The natural wonders tour includes the following destinations:
Great Barrier Reef
The 12 Apostles on Scenic Great Ocean Road
Magnificent Fraser Island
The beautiful Blue Mountains
Sacred rock formations of Uluru
Kakadu National Park
Phillip Island
An aboriginal region with cliffs – Three Sisters
Green Island
Cradle Mountain


Australia has many of the most amazing beaches in the world. It has a long coastline of 37.000 km, with about 11.011 beaches.
Some of the famous beaches include Cabble Beach, Hyames Beach, famous for its white sand, Kirra Beach, fashionable Four Mile Beach or Whitehaven Beach near The Great Barrier Reef. There are also town beaches such as Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach.
Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Burleigh Heads, Apollo Bay and many more are other beaches.


With a low population density and a larger land area than most countries, most urban areas in Australia are spread across mountains, oceans, coasts, reserves of wildlife, rivers and beautiful landscapes.
For high - energy vibrant culture, choose Sydney. The city is renowned for its opera house, world famous zoos, aquariums and lifestyle of the metropolitan area. It's blessed with sunny weather and clear skies and never too cool.
Melbourne has a European flair and is famous among coffee lovers and selected as one of the most livable cities of the world many times.
Adelaide has many famous and beautiful wineries, colonial buildings and stunning wildlife at Kangaroo Island. 
Darwin is famous for lush green national parks and natural surroundings. If you love the outdoorsy lifestyle and spectacular wilderness, then don’t miss Darwin. 
Enjoy the laid-back city of Perth with sunny and warm weather throughout the year and pristine beaches across the Indian Ocean.
Go to Brisbane which has beautiful sunshine weather with local Australian vibes, youthful zeal and diverse destination.  At an hour’s drive, you can go to Gold Coast which is must visit destination of Australia.  Read about Gold Coast Attractions. 
Go for a natural wonders tour in Cairns the gateway to The Great Barrier Reef.
But don’t miss Canberra which is the cool capital of the country. It is a place where you will find cool architectures, museums, and galleries. Architecture lovers would love this capital city.

What you need to know before booking your Holiday to Australia

Ø All non-Australians require a visa to enter Australia
Ø The country is huge and diverse so use local budget local airlines to book flights
Ø Within the cities, there is a wide and very good network of public buses, trains, ferries, and trams. Public transport is cost effective and very efficient. In Sydney check the OPAL card for affordable public transport
Ø Budget-friendly accommodation deals near the city center are difficult to find but I managed to find some cost-efficient options on KAYAK.
Ø As this country is huge, don’t expect to cover all places on the same trip
Ø Check the weather before packing as Australia has opposite season to that of countries from Northern Hemisphere and the climate varies a lot from region to region.
Ø Visit world-class stadiums and sports arenas as local love sports and have earned many accolades and medals in International sports.
Ø Gardens like The Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney or the Botanical Gardens of Melbourne are free 
Ø Some Museums and Art Galleries also have free entry
Ø Melbourne is a foodie paradise and a great place for coffee lovers. Check the Food Market at Victoria’s Market Square. 
Ø Driving is on the left-hand side of the road and their steering wheel is on the right-hand side just like UK, India and some other places.
Ø Carry good sunscreen and apply whenever your skin is exposed to the sun as here there is higher ultraviolet radiation in Australia.
Ø Don’t carry nuts, flowers, seeds, or any other food items into the country as Australia has a strict policy about bringing food items.
And I would suggest this Two weeks Itinerary to Australia for those who are going on Holidays for the first time –
Sydney – 3/4 days – Sydney City tour(you can do by Public transport or by Big Bus tours) which comprises of Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Ferry tour around opera house and under the bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Bondi or Coogee Beach, Taronga Zoo and day tour to the Blue Mountains. Catch a flight to Melbourne.
Melbourne – 5 days – 5 days in Melbourne includes 2 days exclusive for Great Ocean Road. Melbourne tour comprises of Melbourne city tour(can be done by Public transport), Yarra river ferry ride, Brighton beach, Aquarium, Iconic Tram rides, day tours to Puffing Billy, Philip Island, visit world class Cricket stadium of Melbourne.  Take a flight to Uluru.
Uluru – 2 days – Getting to and from Uluru involves air traveling(catching internal flights) as it is far from Sydney or Melbourne. Uluru in central Australia, is definitely one of Australia’s most famous sights and worth to go, despite it is slightly away from main cities. Visit during Sunrise or sunset is recommended as it is a beautiful sight with beautiful rays of sun over this natural wonder. Go for Cairns.
Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef – 3 days – Travel to the north of Cairns to explore the rainforest and take a day trip out to the famous Coral reef which is a natural wonder too.
24 Best Aquariums in the United States of America for Vacation in USA

Aquariums offer a great way for people of all ages to immerse themselves in the underwater world, which few get to see in real life, and learn not only about the creatures that live in our rivers, lakes, and oceans, but also about their habitats and the issues that put them in danger of extinction. Here are the best American aquariums.

13 Best Aquariums in the USA: Newport Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Newport Aquariums

The Newport Aquarium is a commercial aquarium in Newport, Levee, Newport, Kentucky. The aquarium is open throughout the year and has 70 exhibits in 14 galleries and five 200-foot acrylic tunnels. The aquarium holds 1,000,000 gallons of water, where thousands of animals from around the world show a lot.
Some of the most popular animals are the shark rays " Scooter " and " Sweet Pea " and, since 2009, a baby shark ray from Taiwan called “ Sunshine. ” Other popular attractions are the rainforest with Burmese pythons, kea, kookaburra, rainbow lorikeet, and Swainson's blue mountain lory; Gator Alley with Mighty Mike, the biggest American alligator outside Florida, Orinoco crocodiles, caiman and gharial; Amazon with arapaima, redtail catfish, pacu, silver arowana, long - tailed river stingrays, and perch.

14 Best Aquariums in the USA: Birch Aquarium

14 Best Aquariums in the USA: Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium in Scripps is the University of California public outreach center at San Diego 's Scripps Institute of Oceanography. The aquarium houses more than 3,000 animals of 380 species. Located on the top of the hill, it offers wonderful views of the campus and the Pacific. It is organized around a central lobby leading to different exhibits. The area occupies 64.175 square feet and all tanks hold 175,000 gallons of seawater together.
Among many fascinating exhibits, some stand out, such as the 60 Fishes Hall tanks, which hold hundreds of fish and invertebrates from the cold Pacific Northwest to the tropical Caribbean and Mexico and the Caribbean. Another exhibition, Shark Reef, houses tropical reef sharks like blacktip reef sharks, Port Jackson sharks and brownbanded bamboo sharks. The Coral Reef exhibit features live coral and reef dwellers such as chambered nautilus, lionfish, and giant clams, while Feeling the Heat: The Climate Challenge illustrates the findings from the years of the Scripps Institute 's research on climate change.

15 Best Aquariums in the USA: Texas State Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Texas State Aquariums

In Corpus Christi, Texas, Texas State Aquarium is a non - profit facility dedicated to the conservation and conservation of wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. Of its numerous fascinating exhibits, the most popular include Dolphin Bay, a 400,000-gallon tank that is home to four Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and Eagle Pass, which holds raptors that for various reasons cannot be released back into the wild.
The most famous inmate is the Grace bald eagle. The Floating Phantoms aquarium holds phantoms of the sea–jellyfish and sea nettles from the Gulf of Mexico–while Flower Gardens simulates a coral reef with a 40,000-gallon tank containing Atlantic tarpon, cownose stingrays, and green moray eels. This aquarium also hosts the show " Diver in the Wate”r.

16 Best Aquariums in the USA: Alaska Sealife Center

Best Aquariums in the USA: Alaska Sealife Center

Alaska SeaLife Center is the only permanent rehabilitation facility for marine mammals in Alaska, located in Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay. It is also the main public aquarium in Alaska and focuses on research, conservation, education and rehabilitation to promote the understanding and enforcement of the integrity of the marine ecosystem in Alaska. Alaska Sealife Center is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the northern marine environment in the world.
The center investigates the marine ecosystems of Alaska and its inhabitants, such as marine mammals, fish, invertebrates and sea birds, some of which are endangered or threatened. The center is also specialized in research on marine birds and marine mammals, such as Steller marine lions, harbor seals, eiders, fur seals, marine otters and others.

17 Best Aquariums in the USA: Waikiki Aquariums:

Best Aquariums in the USA: Waikiki Aquariums:

The Waikiki Aquarium was established in 1904 and has been part of the University of Hawaii since 1919. It is located on Waikiki Beach across the Kapiolani Park and near a living reef. Over 3500 animals of 500 marine species are found in the aquarium. In 1978 Waikiki Aquarium developed the first living Pacific corals in the States using the natural sunlight and the seawater well.
They were able to grow tables and staghorn corals with a special device, some of which are 30 years old now. Waikiki Aquarium was the first American aquarium to have sustainable embryos. The Waikiki Aquarium was also the first to show blacktip reef sharks, giant clams and mahi hatchery and exhibits.

18 Best Aquariums in the USA: Denver Downtown Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: Denver Downtown Aquarium

The downtown aquarium, formerly known as the Colorado Ocean Journey Aquarium, is now part of the restaurants of Landry. It opened in 2005 under the name Downtown Aquarium in a newly designed space. The aquarium has over a million gallons of water in various taverns, filled with spectacular underwater exhibits.
There are about 500 aquatic and terrestrial species in the center of Aquarium. A special attraction is the interactive reef touch tank. The aquarium has fresh water as well as oceans and a connection between rivers and oceans. Many endangered or endangered species, including 12 fish, six reptiles, two mammals and two birds, are involved.

19 Best Aquariums in the USA: South Carolina Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: South Carolina Aquarium

The Charleston Harbor Aquarium in South Carolina opened in 2000 in Charleston, South Carolina, home to more than 10,000 animals and plants. The biggest and most popular display is the Great Ocean Tank in the aquarium's first three floors. The aquarium is home to over 700 animals with over 385 000 gallons of water.
The aquarium has a touch tank where guests are invited in the Atlantic to touch rays, cows and other animals. Other animals in the South Carolina Aquarium are otters, alligators, loggerhead sea turtles, owls, big blue herons, lined seahorses, jellyfish, green moray eels, pythons, stars of the sea and sharks.

20 Best Aquariums in the USA: Tennessee Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Tennessee Aquariums

The Tennessee Aquarium is a public aquarium at the banks of the Tennessee River in central Chattanooga, Tennessee. After a major expansion in 2005, the aquarium now holds more than 12,000 animals from about 800 species. The aquarium consists of two facilities, the first being the River Journey, a twelve-story building with a height of 130,000 square feet and 400,000 gallons of water, making it one of the largest freshwater aquariums in the world.
It develops around the theme of the river story, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. The other facility, the Ocean Journey, is a 10-story building with 700,000 gallons of water, measuring 60,000 square feet. The story goes on from the Journey River to the Gulf of Mexico and contains some beautiful species such as hyacinth macaws. It has a small ray and shark tank, and a butterfly garden with butterflies from South America.

21 Best Aquariums in the USA: North Carolina Aquariums at Fort Fisher

Best Aquariums in the USA: North Carolina Aquariums at Fort Fisher

The Fort Fisher Aquarium is located about 15 miles south of Kure Beach in Wilmington and one mile from the Fort Fisher Ferry Terminal. The aquarium features a range of exhibits, from tidal pools and salt marshes to an open ocean exhibit two stories high that is home to rays, sharks, and eels as well as Luna, a beautiful rare albino alligator, and one rescued bald eagle.
You can touch the stingray and get close and personal to the loggerhead's sea turtle. The theme of the aquarium is a journey along the Cape Fear River, swamps and freshwater streams to different coastal habitats, reefs and the open sea.

22 Best Aquariums in the USA: Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

The Kingdoms of the Seas Aquarium Walter and Suzanne Scott were opened in 1995 and soon became one of the most important attractions. The building is 71,000 square meters and has a water content of 1,200,000 gallons. The aquarium consists of various aquatic habitats, including exhibits in Polar Regions, flooded Amazon rainforests, temperate oceans and corals. Tanks with jellyfish and open sea fish are also available, and a portable touch tank allows visitors to experience shark and stingray skins.

23 Best Aquariums in the USA: SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

The Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium in Bloomington’s Mall of America is a 1200,000 gallon aquarium. The journey through the aquarium begins with the Stingray Adventure, which includes the Pacific Northwest Rockpool and the Shipwreck and Ray Pool, where visitors can interact with rays.
There is also the discovery of Jellyfish, filled with many types of jellyfish, the interactive exhibits of Shark Discovery, the Seahorse Kingdom with six species of seahorse and the coral caves with live coral and reef fish such as clownfish and regal blue tang. After Coral Caves, visitors enter through four tanks the 300-foot acrylic tunnel: Atlantis, the Rainbow Reef, the Wild Amazon and Lake Sturgeon. The journey ends with the mysteries of the Rainforest with caimans, tortoises, frogs and piranhas.

24 Best Aquariums in the USA: Mystic Aquariums & Institute for Exploration

Best Aquariums in the USA: Mystic Aquariums & Institute for Exploration

Mystic Aquarium is home to three whales, two fur seals from the north, three Staller sea lions, seven California sea lions, a large colony of black - footed African penguins, harbor seals, unicorn fish, octopus, blue tang, sand tiger sharks and many other ocean dwellers. Visitors can meet several species closely, such as African penguins, beluga whales and rays.
Mystic Aquarium, located in the scenic area of Mystic, Connecticut, is one of only three American facilities with Staller sea lions and the only one with beluga whales in New England. There are special exhibits with rays, a shark touch pool, an African penguin exhibition, a jellyfish gallery and an exhibit called Exploration: wild.
Mystic Aquarium is home to three whales, two northern fur seals, three Steller sea lions, seven California sea lions, a large African black - footed colony of pingouins, harbor seals, unicorn fish, octopus, blue tang, sand tiger sharks and many other ocean dwellers. Visitors can find many species, such as African penguins, whales of beluga and stingrays.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

You can find lovely lakes throughout the world, but which are the most beautiful ones? Which lakes you should have seen in your life? We collected them for you: these are the world's 10 most beautiful lakes!

01. Lake Titicaca – Peru and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca – Peru and Bolivia

On the border between Peru and Bolivia, with the snow - covered peaks of the Cordillera Real in the background, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at 3812 meters above sea level. There are many travelers crossing the border between Peru and Bolivia or vice versa. Lake Titicaca is particularly famous for the islands of Uros: houses floating on hand - made stone platforms. It's an impressive lake surrounded by the Andes ' high peaks.

02. Peyto Lake – Canada

Peyto Lake – Canada

Canada has so many lovely mountain lakes that the most beautiful lake can hardly be chosen. Peyto Lake is undoubtedly at the top in summer months. Then the lake's water colors smart green. You can turn to a viewpoint for a view of this special place when you drive the Icefields Parkway.

03. Lake McKenzie – Australia

Lake McKenzie – Australia

Lake McKenzie is Fraser Island Lake, an island off Australia's eastern coast. Fraser Island is unique because it is the world's biggest sand island: 98% of the island is made up of sand. And you'll find some lovely lakes, including Lake McKenzie, in the middle of all this sand. A lovely, celestial place with white sand and the clearest water you've ever seen.

04. Lake Annecy – France

Lake Annecy – France

France also has beautiful lakes, the most beautiful of which is Lake Annecy. Annecy is a summer tourist attraction, but soon it won't get crowded. You can also do all on the water. You can swim there, but you can also hire a boat or a board. If you don't want to go yourself out on the water, you can also cycle around Lake Annecy, 38 kilometers away.

05. The Dead Sea – Jordan and Israel

 The Dead Sea – Jordan and Israel

Even if many people believe the Dead Sea is a sea, it is a lake. And a fantastic lake: the world's lowest lake. It lies between the West Bank and Jordan. The Dead Sea is giant, not less than 1020 km2 in area. What is so special about the water is that you keep floating. This is certainly related to the high concentration of minerals in water (which is also very good for your skin): fill yourself with Dead Sea mud and float on salt water.

06. Lake Tekapo – New Zealand

Lake Tekapo – New Zealand

The Tekapo lake is one of the most clear lakes you 'll ever see. In spring, New Zealand 's most beautiful lake is most beautiful when the entire environment is blooming. From here you have a lovely view of Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3.724 metres. Lake Tekapo is also such a place that there is practically no light pollution, so it's the best thing you can do to get your alarm clock off in the middle of the night and enjoy one of the most beautiful starlit skies you 'll ever see from your camper's tailgate.

07. Lake Baikal – Siberia

Lake Baikal – Siberia

One of Russia's highlights–discovered at the Trans - Siberian Express–is Lake Baikal. It is situated in the south of Siberia and has some impressive characteristics. It is a gigantic body of water 640 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide in some places. With regard to the surface, the lake is therefore larger than Belgium, for example. It is also the world's deepest lake, protected by the UNESCO. The nature around it is varied and varied every season, but you always have a panoramic view of the sea.

08. Lake of Bled – Slovenia

Lake of Bled – Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia should not miss a list of the world’s most beautiful lakes. It is situated in northwestern Slovenia, not far from the Italian and Austrian borders. The environment is beautiful: greener than mountainous and greener. This place is also referred to as one of the most romantic places in Europe, because there is a small island with a fairytale church in the middle of the water. Blejski Otok is officially known as the island but Bled Island is also known. You can sail there with a boat. You feel the romance when you see the green surroundings of forests and rocks and you immediately understand why so many couples are married here.

09. Plitvice lakes – Croatia

Plitvice lakes – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most beautiful parts of the country in Croatia. This national park is a large paradise for water with lakes, caves, rivers and waterfalls. No less than 16 lakes and almost 100 waterfalls can be admired. It makes Plitvice Lakes a must-see in Croatia, a place you must have been once.

10. Lake Nakuru – Kenya

Lake Nakuru – Kenya

Perhaps you saw photos of this lake: thousands of flamingos on a river's banks. It's Lake Nakuru in Kenya, also known as a flamingo. It depends on how high the water is, how many flamingos there are, but sometimes nearly a million can be seen. Apart from the flamingos, you can see a lot more around Lake Nakuru if you are lucky that you can even

24 Best Aquariums in the United States of America for Vacation in USA

Aquariums offer a great way for people of all ages to immerse themselves in the underwater world, which few get to see in real life, and learn not only about the creatures that live in our rivers, lakes, and oceans, but also about their habitats and the issues that put them in danger of extinction. Here are the best American aquariums

01 Best Aquarium in the USA: Georgia Aquarium

Best Aquarium in the USA: Georgia Aquarium

Located near Centennial Olympic Park in the center of Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is a magical place with several major galleries with over 70 different habitats, holding 10 million gallons of water where thousands of marine creatures thrive. You'll see whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, beluga whales, African penguins, sea otters, exotic marine animals and fish species.
There is also a famous AT&T Dolphin Tales show, a combination of animal behavior educational messages, theater, a captivating Broadway-inspired musical score and a thrilling story. The animated " Deepo 's Undersea 3D Wondershow " tells the story about the need to preserve animals and their habitats. The aquarium also runs several background programs such as meeting dolphins, penguins and ocean otters or swimming with manta rays and whale sharks.

02 Best Aquariums in the USA: Monterey Bay Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Monterey Bay Aquariums

Located on the historic Cannery Row in Monterey, the objective of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the world's oceans. Founded in 1984, it is considered one of the world’s top aquariums and is famous for its innovative and fascinating exhibitions. The aquarium has 34 galleries with 200 exhibits containing 35,000 animals from over 550 species.
The exhibits show one of the world's richest marine regions and the habitats and species that call it home. The aquarium is also one of the world's most respected marine conservation institutions and has a range of programs aimed at providing detailed information on some fascinating sea creatures, the most popular being the otter and penguin feeding programs, which allow visitors to get up close and personal to these charming species.

03. Best Aquariums in the USA: New York Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium was opened in 1896 and is America's oldest operating aquarium. In 1957, the aquarium moved to the Brooklyn Coney Island boardwalk and is the only New York City aquarium. The facility is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the largest metropolitan wildlife park network in the country.
The New York Aquarium aims to preserve all wildlife and wildlife in the world. It is spread over 14 acres and has 266 aquatic species. The New York Aquarium is under major renovation, but some of its main attractions are still open, such as the Glovers Reef, the outdoor Sea Cliffs, the Conservation Hall and the Aquatheater, which features a sea lion demonstration.

04. Best Aquariums in the USA: Shedd Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium was opened in 1930 and was once the world's largest indoor aquarium and was the first inland aquarium to have a permanent collection of saltwater fish. It currently supplies 32,000 animals in 5,000,000 gallons of water. Shedd Aquarium is located in the heart of the Museum Campus Chicago together with the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium.
The various habitats of the aquarium contain 1500 species including fish, mammals, snakes, birds, amphibians and insects. Some of the award - winning exhibits of the museum includes Seahorse Symphony, Amazon Rising and Wild Reef. Although the aquarium has a large number of temporary exhibitions, there are several permanent exhibitions, namely the Waters of the World, the Amazon Rising, the Caribbean Reef, the Wild Reef and the Oceanarium.

05 Best Aquariums in the USA: National Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: National Aquariums

The National Aquarium, formerly known as the Baltimore National Aquarium, is located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and opened in 1981. The 2,200,000 gallons of water in the aquarium house 17,000 creatures from over 750 species. The purpose of the aquarium is to inspire efforts to preserve the world's aquatic treasures by addressing the pressing issues affecting aquatic habitats through advanced science, education and conservation.
The most notable exhibits of the aquarium are the Upland Tropical Rain Forest, the spectacular Atlantic Coral Reef, and Australia: Wild Extremes and the Open Ocean Shark Tank. One of the most popular features of the aquarium is the 4D Immersion Theater, while the large marine mammal pavilion opened in 1990 now houses eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

06 Best Aquariums in the USA: Oregon Coast Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Oregon Coast Aquariums

Located on Yaquina Bay in Newport, the Oregon Coast Aquarium was opened in 1992 and soon became the popular coastal attraction of Oregon and the center of maritime education in Oregon. The aquarium is known as Keiko's home, the orca of the Free Willy film, until it was released in the waters near Iceland in 1998. The Aquarium focuses on the Oregon coast 's marine and terrestrial flora and fauna. In addition to the area that hosts changing exhibits, there are three permanent exhibits–Rocky Shores, Sandy Shores and Coastal Waters.
The first exhibit contains species living in bays such as Yaquina Bay or near the coast. The aquarium also features animals, a kelp forest and an exhibit of jellyfish. The outdoor aquarium also has a large seabird aviary and houses marine mammals from the coast of Oregon, such as sea otters, California sea lions and harbor seals. A fascinating coastal cave houses a huge Pacific Octopus.

07 Best Aquariums in the USA: Audubon Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Audubon Aquariums

Located right on the Mississippi River, next to the French Quarter, the Audubon Aquarium exhibits various exhibitions of North and South American aquatic habitats. The aquarium houses over 15,000 animals from 600 species in this state of the art facility.
The most popular exhibits include Caribbean Reef, which is enclosed in a transparent 30-foot - long tunnel holding 132,000 gallons of water with Caribbean species such as the tarpon and angelfish, and Amazon World, a giant humid, hot greenhouse protected by a glass cylinder and filled with tropical plants and trees, piranhas, macaws, anacondas, freshwater stingrays, and many other fascinating species. The Mississippi River exhibit features paddlefish, catfish, owls, and a white alligator, while the Gulf of Mexico exhibit has a 17-foot-tall tank filled with sharks, stingrays, marine turtles, and much more.

08 Best Aquariums in the USA: Seattle Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Seattle Aquariums

The 1977 Seattle Aquarium is a public aquarium located on the Elliott Bay waterfront at Pier 59 in Seattle, Washington. The aim of the aquarium is to promote marine conservation and the teaching of human impacts on marine life. Some of the main exhibits include Window on Washington Waters, which mimics the Washington coastal waters and hosts native marine life such as rockfish, salmon, and sea anemones; the Crashing Waves exhibit, which showcases Washington shores between the intertidal zone and a depth of about 5 feet; and Life on the Edge, featuring the tidepool life of Seattle's inland sea.
The Life of a Drifter exhibit has a 12-foot - tall glass " donut " filled with moon jellies and giant Pacific octopus, Pacific Coral Reef is an artificial coral reef teeming with reef fish, Ocean Oddities displays pinecone fish, flying gurnards, cowfish, potbellied seahorses, and short dragonfish, and the Marine Mammals exhibit includes harbor seals, sea otters, northern fur seals, and river otters and also contains the Orca Family Activity Center.

09 Best Aquariums in the USA: Aquarium of the Pacific

Best Aquariums in the USA: Aquarium of the Pacific:

The Pacific Aquarium is a public aquarium located on Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, California, across a 5-acre site from the Long Beach Convention Center. The aquarium houses over 11,000 animals from more than 500 species and contains three main permanent galleries. The warm Southern California / Baja Gallery has a three - story Blue Cavern tank with animals that live around Catalina Island, the Amber Forest contains a replica of a giant kelp forest, while the Gulf of California simply teems with fish like Cortez rainbow wrasse, porcupine fish, and Mexican lookdowns.
It also includes a sea lion and seal habitat, a ray touch pool and the Shorebird Sanctuary. The Northern Pacific Gallery contains a selection of Bering Sea species and habitats, such as the sea otter habitat with southern sea otters, and the diving birds with puffins and auklets, and the giant Pacific octopus tank. The tropical Pacific 350,000-gallon tank houses a tropical reef habitat with zebra sharks, olive groves and many other species.

10 Best Aquariums in the USA: Florida Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: Florida Aquariums

The Florida Aquarium is located in the Channel district of Tampa city center. Opened in 1995, it contains over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants from Florida and the rest of the world that thrive in a large 250,000-foot aquarium. The facility has a wealth of conservation and education programs and offers summer camps and school trips.
The exhibits of the Florida Aquarium show the water journey from freshwater springs to the Gulf of Mexico. Among the most interesting exhibits are a simulated wetlands under a glass atrium, Bays and Beaches with aquatic species that live in Tampa Bay and along Florida shores, and a coral reef with a simulated 60-foot dive that shows how the reef and the plants and animals that live in it change as the depth increases.

11 Best Aquariums in the USA: New England Aquariums

Best Aquariums in the USA: New England Aquariums

The New England Aquarium is located in Boston, Massachusetts, on the Central Warf and also includes the Simons IMAX Theater and the seasonal New England Whale Watch Aquarium, which runs from April to November. The aquarium's main attraction is the magnificent Giant Ocean Tank, a 200,000-gallon tank with a simulation of the Caribbean reef in the open atrium.
It houses stingrays, sharks, moray eels, sea turtles, barracuda and other reef inhabitants. The penguin exhibit is at the bottom and four other exhibits are located around the atrium. Some of the most interesting exhibits include the Thinking Gallery with goliath groupers, sea dragons, and ancient fishes, the Freshwater Gallery with piranha and anacondas on one side and electric eels together with Atlantic salmon on the other, and The Edge of the Sea tide pool, which has sea stars, snails, sea urchins, and horseshoe and hermit crabs.

12 Best Aquariums in the USA: Steinhart Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the USA: Steinhart Aquarium

Steinhart Aquarium is situated in the heart of Golden Gate Park, part of the California Academy of Sciences. It is considered one of the most interactive and biologically diverse aquariums in the world. The original aquarium was opened in 1923 and has been extended and modernized considerably since then. It houses nearly 40,000 animals of over 900 species. One of the main exhibits is the 250-foot-deep Philippine Coral Reef, which features a rich range of aquatic species from coral reefs and mangroves in the Philippines.
The Osher Rainforest has three levels of dense canopy filled with free - floating tropical birds, reptiles, butterflies and amphibians and a giant flooded forest tank with freshwater fish at the bottom. Other popular exhibits include the California Ecosystem, Swamp, Animal Attraction, etc.

7 Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

It is no surprise that many parents find interesting ways to keep their children busy, and spend more time with them. You've probably exhausted all your options in Singapore by now, so why not consider embarking on a short getaway across the border? Here are seven family - friendly destinations for family bonding in Malaysia: 

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

For family fun, Genting Highlands is one of the first few choices to come to mind. There's a reason why it's so popular with families! The breathtaking view from the top of the highlands is sufficient to keep people returning for more. Take an exhilarating cable car ride to the peak for the best view on the newly opened Awana Skyway. In addition, the cool weather is definitely an enormous perk away from sunny and humid Singapore.
Even better, book a stay at one of the resorts high up on the mountains to enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the beautiful highlands. The Best Western Premier Ion Delemen, Genting Highlands–warm and comfortable rooms as well as the wide variety of dining and recreational options make your holiday truly unforgettable. From cozy restaurants and trendy bars to stylish pools and state-of - the-art fitness facilities, this hotel is so fantastic that you're never gon na want to leave. Don't say I haven't warned you!
And when you're there, look out of your balcony... you're literally sleeping in the clouds! How cool is it? Breathe in all the fresh air you need from this high altitude, and during your getaway you will feel refreshed and recharged!

Although the much-anticipated Fox Theme Park of the 20th Century is still under construction (with the previous Genting Outdoor Theme Park), there are still many other attractions to choose from! Be sure to go to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum for an eye-opening and educational time or visit Snow World to see Malaysia's biggest winter wonderland. In addition, there is a 3D trick art attraction within Snow World itself, so don't hesitate to swing and snap some stupid and creative images with your family!

Johor Bahru (JB)

Johor Bahru - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

What's not like about JB from cheap clothes to delicious food? But that's not all, this town on the southern tip of Malaysia is also a paradise for children! Opened in 2012, Legoland is the first international theme park in Malaysia and the first theme park in Asia.
With miniature LEGO models of famous buildings like Taj Mahal and The Forbidden City, Legoland has an impressive attention to detail and offers you the opportunity to " tour " the world with your children. Don't forget to seize this opportunity and encourage your children to let their creative juices flow next time! In addition to the miniature models, there are exciting rides, a Legoland water park and a 4D cinema.

But... If you and your children are not LEGO fans, don't worry, you can visit the Johor Zoo or Sanrio Hello Kitty Theme Park for an equally satisfactory time!


Penaga - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

It is located on the northwest coast of Malaysia, Penang is a vibrant place filled with historical and fusion charms. The capital of Penang, George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with rich and diverse cultural heritage. Explore George Town's narrow lanes and make your children spot as many street art murals as possible!
Also consider leaving the Made in Penang Interactive 3D Museum for a nice time with your family or taking the funicular tram up to the Penang Hill for a fantastic view.

Penang is often considered Malaysia's food paradise and offers a delicious range of sweet and savory dishes. Whether serving the creamy and cooling chendol or a bowl of spicy and tangy assam laksa, people of all ages can enjoy Penang's food, making Penang the perfect family destination!

Pulau Rawa - Rawa Island

Pulau Rawa - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

If you're looking for a tropical and relaxing getaway, Pulau Rawa is your place! With turquoise waters and soft white sand, this quiet island is the best place to escape the bustle of the city and spend more quality time with your family.

Feel free to sit back and relax while your children are sparkling in crystal clear waters or building sandcastles on the beach. For the (more) adventurous, jungle trails and exciting water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking are also available. Perfect for older children!

Kuala Lumpur (KL)

Kuala Lumpur - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

Malaysia's capital may appear intimidating with its bustling streets and skyscrapers, but don't just write it off! From bird parks and butterfly farms to aquariums and science discovery centers, KL offers a wide range of family - friendly options to keep your children busy and entertained. With the array of dining, entertainment and shopping options available in this modern city, you and your family are sure to be spoilt!

If you have a little more time to save, consider going to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, a 15-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur. The theme park includes five regions: Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park and Scream Park. With over 80 rides and attractions, Sunway Lagoon is a lively and comprehensive destination for all ages!


Ipoh - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

Ipoh is not just about hor fun (flat rice noodles) and white coffee, contrary to popular belief. With its historical buildings and a pleasant atmosphere, this charming town in northern Malaysia is a great destination for family fun!
If you're in street art, you're lucky –Penang isn't the only place with adorable street walls in Malaysia. Ipoh also has whimsical art murals throughout its old town. These murals were actually painted by Ernest Zacharevic, the same artist who illustrated the Penang murals. There are seven wall art murals, so keep your eyes peeled and don't miss the photo opportunity!
The Sunway Lagoon, Lost World of Tambun, is just a 20-minute drive away from the city of Ipoh. Located in the middle of lush greenery and natural hot springs, the Lost World of Tambun offers exciting experience for everyone with its thrilling rides, water slides and petting zoo. After sunset, drop by Lost World Hot Springs & Spa to reload yourself to the theme park after an exhausting day.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands - Vacation Destinations in Malaysia for Your Holidays

With a total of 712 square kilometers, Cameron Highlands is one of the biggest mountain stations in Malaysia. There's no shortage of interesting things to do here! Known for its tea plantations, the beautiful highlands offer numerous possibilities for tea aficionados to explore the tea terraces, learn more about the tea production process and even sip the fragrant tea. This will certainly be an eye-opening and informative experience for non - tea lovers as well.
From plant farms to rose valleys, attractions in Cameron Highlands bring you and your family closer to nature. Be sure to involve your children in some strawberry-picking, or bring them along to appreciate the beautiful flowers of lavender. Otherwise you can also go to Time Tunnel, a memorabilia museum that displays old collections and photographs from the 1950s and 1960s. This is a great place for parents and grandparents who want to walk down the memory lane and to learn more about what life has been like in the past. There's no better way for your family to bond!

Whether it's metropolitan Kuala Lumpur or Pulau Rawa destitute, Malaysia has something for everyone. Combining amazing scenery, delicious food and friendly people, this fascinating country will certainly give you the most extraordinary and heartwarming experience. So trust me, you should definitely remember these destinations for your next family break!